Thursday, August 25, 2011

reading nook

It's 30 inches wide by 53 inches deep. The low wall at the back is 34 inches high. The door is 24 wide by 71 high.

So - how to do it?
What color paint?
Any neato rugs out there?
Inspire me!

I want to turn this closet under the stairs into a reading nook for the kids.


Julie said...

Would a hall runner fit in there? What about an ikea lambskin?

MosesFamily said...

I like the idea of the lambskin. That would be super cozy!

Target has some 30x50 rugs for kids rooms that might be just right. Need to take a peek.

Julie - what would you do about that books? I picture a little shelf or such on that short wall at the end. Maybe racks for books to be kept front-out? Magazing racks? I don't want it super deep, so as not to take up lots of space. It's a small area as it is.