Friday, November 02, 2007

no sew tutu

The No Sew Tutu!

I made this for my 2 year old niece for her birthday. SO easy!

You'll need 3 yards of tulle. You could use all one color, or two or three. Cut the yard in half (so 18"), then cut 3" strips. So, you should end up with about 72 strips total that will be 3" by 18". (Remember, this is for a 2 year old, so adjust accordingly.)

Take a regular elastic headband - the kind that often come in packs of 5 or so for about $3.

Tie a strip of tulle around the headband. Try to make the tulle even on each end. I tied it so that the knot faced toward the bottom of the tutu. I did left over left twice to give it a nice flat knot.

Do this all the way around the tutu, alternating colors if you wish. Keep the knotted tulle close together. Remember that when it's on, the elastic will stretch and the tulle will not be as thick.

I embellished with ribbons and jingle bells. You could do anything!

You could use smaller elastics to make matching bracelets and anklets. You could make bows for her hair. You could tie tulle and ribbon and bells on a stick for a wand.

This entire project cost me about $3! And I was able to complete it in less than an hour in front of the TV!

a headband

I put my finger under the knot to keep it from getting too tight.

With a regular hair elastic, you can make little bracelets or hair bows.

My tutus for a Ice Fairy and Fire Fairy!

Halloween 2007

Halloween was so fun this year! John really got into the anticipation of it all.
Emma was a mermaid and John was a fish.
To make it even more fun, cousin Lucy was a fish and cousin Jake was a SCUBA diver.

Here's a slideshow:
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