Monday, July 11, 2011

changing paint in dining and living rooms?

The paint in the dining and living rooms is Kilz Colors Brown Sugar. It's also on the stair wall and the hall and ceiling upstairs. I need to touch up the paint since there are little messed up areas from when the electric was rewired (fun with old houses!). But, alas, no one around here carries Kilz Colors anymore. Annoying, BUT - this could be a chance to change up the colors. Ideas?

Things to know:
1. I don't want to repaint the stair area unless I really need to. Painting it was zero fun and I'd not like to do that again anytime soon. So, ideally, the new color would go with the old color.
2. The new color also needs to go with the purple in the kitchen.
3. I don't need the living and dining rooms to be the same color, but I kind of like it.
4. All furniture and stuff will stay as is. I'd be willing to recover the seats of the chairs in front of the fireplace.

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